The North Face Costa Rica Trophy Bike

“The North Face Costa Rica Trophy” è un evento sportivo tra i più famosi nell’ambito della Mountain Bike.
E’ l’evento perfetto sia per i più accaniti Race Biker che per gli avventurieri o per gli appassionati che vogliono divertirsi in MTB.

NORTH FACE TROPHY BIKE –  15-19 Ottobre  2010 Surprised

the north face costa rica trophy mountain bike
Photo by Olivier Weidemann

Tutti gli appassionati possono vivere la gara in modi diversi:

COMPETITORS: Like in all the Grand Tours, the first stage will be a prologue, an 18 km time trial around Arenal Volcano in completely private and beautiful trails; a dream route with all the ingredients of mountain biking. The second stage, the “Queen Stage”, is one of the most beautiful routes in Costa Rica. A route from Arenal that will take you 74 km to Monteverde and over the famous “Alpe d’Huez” of Costa Rica, Rio Chiquito. And to finish, the third stage, will be a 108 km Monteverde to Playa SAMARA and through a course that dominates all of Guanacaste. A valid license is required to participate in this event. Categories: Elite (male and female), Master A, B, C 

ADVENTURER: Regular mountain bike participants that don’t wish to do the event as a competition will take advantage of the courses to discover the beautiful landscapes. This is a true challenge opened to all mountain bike aficionados that look for the unforgettable experience and that wish to challenge themselves or to use as training. The first stage will be a 30 km circuit in trails completely closed to the public around Arenal Volcano. The second and third stages are identical to the those of the COMPETITOR. No license required. The event will start 30 minutes after that of the COMPETITORS. 

RECREATION: For those that don’t have the same strength and conditioning of a racing cyclist or an adventurer can still take full advantage of the NORTHFACE TROPHY BIKE. The stages will shortened to no more than 30 km per day. No license required. The event will start 30 minutes after that of the ADVENTURERS. 

Each of the three stages begin at 7:00 am and riders are expected to reach the finish line by 1:00 pm daily. Stages include breakfast, lunch, dinner and an awards ceremony where the winners of each catergory are awarded Leader Jerseys. After the final stage, team times will be calculated to determine the overall winners of each category, dispensing a total of $5,000 in prizes and $10,000 in gifts from our sponsors.

About Costa Rica Trophy

  • Total distance: : 200 km.
  • Total elevation gain : 4463 m
  • Negative gain : 2236 m
  • Positive gain : 2227 m
  • stations of supply : 6
  • Estimated calorie expenditure for a pers/70kg: 7950
  • Estimated completion time at 15 km/h avg: 7h36


  • Thursday October 14 : reception at Airport transfer to Arenal.
  • Friday October 15 : Arenal : Prologue ARENAL : 18 KM
  • Saturday October 16 : Arenal – MONTEVERDE: : 78 KM
  • Sunday October 17 : MONTEVERDE: – SAMARA : 104 KM
  • Monday October 18 : SAMARA Bus transfer to Airport.

 Synopsis of a typical race day schedule

  • 05:00 am – Good morning! Rise and shine everyone in hotels.
  • 06:30 am – Baggage drop-off for hotel and camp patrons
  • 07:00 am – Participants begin to assume start positions in their respective blocks
  • 07:15 am – Start of the race
  • 12:00 am – Arrival of the leading teams at the finish area of the stage
  • 02:00 pm – Closing of the finish area
  • 06:30 pm – Dinner
  • 07:30 pm – Presentation by the community hosting the stage finish
  • 08:00 pm – Awards ceremony, stage briefing, slide show / videos of stage impressions
  • 10:00 pm – Good night and see you tomorrow!



Hote Monteverde “El Establo” and Hotel Arenal “Montana de Fuego”

the north face costa rica trophy mountain bike



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