commencal meta tr 29 first impression and review

My Journey to the Commençal Meta TR 29 2023

In January 2024, I purchased a Commençal Meta TR size S directly from their website. The decision was based on my height of 170 cm and an inseam of 77 cm. According to Commençal’s recommendation,considering these measurements, a Small size was the ideal choice. This article reflects my personal experience without any discounts or external influence. I haven’t reviewed my other bikes simply because none of them sparked the same enthusiasm!

My Mtb in the last 3 years

The Stumpjumper Evo Pro carbon 29 was expected to be the game-changer, but it didn’t suit me. The bottom bracket was too low, making it uncomfortable for my riding style in the Alps. Switching to a Rocky Mountain Altitude 2018 27.5, I faced another challenge due to its size. Despite being a great bike, the lengthy seat tube caused discomfort on technical descents.

About my mtb riding style and playgrounds

I enjoy both uphill and downhill biking without compromise, making a trail/enduro bike my ideal choice. My rides typically involve elevation changes ranging from 700 to 1500 meters, exploring Alpine terrain, bike parks, and local trails. Check out my biking style on Instagram.

And now let’s talk about the Commençal Meta TR 29

Commençal Meta TR 29

Opting for a coil version since I already had an air suspension, I hoped to find the perfect bike without a test ride. The Meta TR 29 seemed promising with balanced geometries, a vertical seat tube for efficient pedaling, excellent components, and the allure of the Commençal brand. The term “mini-enduro” resonated with my riding style.

Purchase experience on the Commençal website

The customer support promptly addressed my queries, and the bike was shipped the day after ordering, arriving from Andorra to Valtellina in just 5 days.

The choice of an aluminum bike, considerations on weight

Commençal Meta TR 29 - Aluminum

Choosing aluminum over carbon, I relaxed about the weight debate. I highlighted philosophies supporting aluminum, including its negligible weight difference, studies suggesting weight’s minimal impact, my concerns about carbon frame durability, and aluminum’s eco-friendliness.

Field test Commençal Meta TR 29

Commençal Meta TR 29 on the field

From the first ride, the Meta TR 29 exceeded my expectations in both uphill and downhill performance. The ideal seating position facilitated efficient pedaling uphill, while the bike’s handling in descents made it feel effortless.

Update after some day of use

Using Strava, I noticed impressive uphill times on my regular routes with the Meta TR. In descents, I effortlessly set personal records on various segments.

Ok, feel free to write me on my Instagram for questions.

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