Caricare una traccia Gps dal Telefono al Navigatore Garmin Edge 520 via Bluetooth senza usare il computer

I’ve been trying for a long time to avoid using a computer to upload gpx tracks on may garmind gps navogator (now I’m using an Edge 520+). Well guys now I can do it…bye bye computer.

So if you are searching a way to use gpx tracks on your garmin when you have only your smartphone this is for you.

Load a gpx file onto a Garmind Edge 520 using Bluetooth and a smartphone…no computer needed

The procedure is very easy…I’ll show my procedure and you can adapt it to your needs.

  1. Using your Smartphone browse the site you want to grab the gps file like this in the Gps tracks map page
  2. I have an iPhone and I advice you to use Safari, click on download gpx track
  3. Save it on your Dropbox or Drive App
  4. Open Drive or Dropbox and find the file
  5. From the contestual menu of the file option choose “open with…” or “share with”  and choose “Garmin Connect” 
  6. Follow the step and suddenly you’ll have the gpx on the Garmin Connect app
  7. Now connect your Garmin Edge 520 via Bluetooth to your smartphone and tap the icon in the top-right corener to send it.
  8. Done…the track is now on your Garmin Edge in the Courses folder ready to be ride! MTB Magazine