Isola d’Elba Mountain Biking

A magic place in the heart of Mediterraneo

Two words about Elba and Mtb

We decided to join the Nosurrender Cycling Team in these 3 days in Isola d’Elba – Tuscany and we did not regret it! It was in October and it was around 20/25 degrees during the day. We enjoyed many Mtb trails and the amazing sea. We were guests of the Hotel Montemerlo in Fetovaia on the South-east side.

About Nosurrender

Nosurrender is a Cycling Team from Milan, I think they are a perfect mix of “exploring nice places” and “pushing hard on the pedals”. They are devoted to long distance rides but also to drinking good beer and eating good food!

I love their philosophy!

Thinking of a place to ride your Mtb all year round? Isola d’Elba is of course the right place.

Trails and paths

We’ve been riding for two full days, the first day we ride a path in the west side. I personally like very much the mediterranean environment, and Isola d’Elba is perfect if you are searching for something like this. Smell of plants around, forests and the sea always there!  Is not a problem to find some Gps track of Elba just start a little search in Google or take a look to this

Capoliveri Mtb Race

The second day we reach Capoliveri and we tryed to do some trails of the famous Capoliveri Legend Cup, a Mountain Bike race that start every year in May. Just take a look here for a Gps Path

#One more time.

Same info to get there as fast as you can!


We advice to call the Montemerlo Hotel, perfect position and a beautiful beach. Of course they have a Bike garage, an openair Swimming pool and Hydro massage. Courtesy and good food of course. Pics belove.

How Long?

The Isola d’Elba is 1 hour from Piombino, Piombino is in Tuscany around 4 hours driving from Milan. So Milano-Piombino 4 hours, Ferry 1 hour and you are ready to enjoy!

Which Bike?

The trails are for all the taste! No metter if you are an XC rider or an Enduro Rider, you will enjoy the variety of the trails. Take a look around to same pics to better understand and dicide what you want to do!

Finally we are very happy to find out such a beautiful place and to share it width such a nice people!


If you want to ride your Mountain Bike in the “Isola d’Elba” please write us and we get you in touch with Mauro Pozzoni and Lorenzo Radici for the super best advices ever! See You around
Graziano De Maio – Enrica Brognoli –


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