Unforgettable Invergneux

Cogne – Valle d’Aosta- Italy

The endless Single Trail

15 km of downhill Single trail…is it enaugh? From the top of the Invergneux Pass to Cogne you’ll ride this infinite trail surraunded by an incredible scenario. I really like and I really recommend this mtb tour that will give you big satisfaction and not only for the downhill section buit also for the uphill one.

How to get there

The loop starts in the beautiful town of Cogne in Aosta Valley – Italy. So easily put “Cogne” inside your car navigator or google Map and go!

The last few elevation meters are very challenging. Bike on shoulder and let walk slow coz you’re close to the pass at 3000 mt.

A brief description

Start from Cogne and reach Lilliaz on a nice dirty road inside the wood. From Lilliaz up on an asfalt road for some Km, suddenly you will enter in a beautiful valley and the road become dirty. It’s a long path and you will see the scenario changing slowly around you. After some km you will leave the dirty road for a single trail. Then the last 200 mt of elevation you’ll need to walg till the pass.

34 km / 1500 m

Go there with your best friends and enjoy!

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