Skialp in Valtellina

A list of Skialp Tour for beginners and Turists

Same info to get there as fast as you can!


We advice to call the Montemerlo Hotel, perfect position and a beautiful beach. Of course they have a Bike garage, an openair Swimming pool and Hydro massage. Courtesy and good food of course. Pics belove.

How Long?

The Isola d'Elba is 1 hour from Piombino, Piombino is in Tuscany around 4 hours driving from Milan. So Milano-Piombino 4 hours, Ferry 1 hour and you are ready to enjoy!

Which Bike?

The trails are for all the taste! No metter if you are an XC rider or an Enduro Rider, you will enjoy the variety of the trails. Take a look around to same pics to better understand and dicide what you want to do!

Via Stefanardo da Vimercate 28
20128 Milano (MI)
PI 00865500144
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