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Skialp route in Alta valtellina

Skialp in Valtellina

A list of Skialp Tour for beginners and Turists

Same info to get there as fast as you can!

We advice to call the Montemerlo Hotel, perfect position and a beautiful beach. Of course they have a Bike garage, an openair Swimming pool and Hydro massage. Courtesy and good food of course. Pics belove.

The Isola d'Elba is 1 hour from Piombino, Piombino is in Tuscany around 4 hours driving from Milan. So Milano-Piombino 4 hours, Ferry 1 hour and you are ready to enjoy!

The trails are for all the taste! No metter if you are an XC rider or an Enduro Rider, you will enjoy the variety of the trails. Take a look around to same pics to better understand and dicide what you want to do!

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Best Mtb trails in Livigno

Livigno - Mountain Bike Mecca

This is finally our best choice for an Mtb Holidays in Summer

Livigno in two words

Livigno is placed at 1800 mt in the core of the Italian Alps. Seems the here mountainbiking is like a religion, 2 bike parks, a big Mtb School with guides and a pump track, lot of Freeride, XC, Family trails. Livigno is also the starting point for the amazing Dreilander Tour.


There is no chance to describe the beauty of trails and courses in Livigno. You have to try! Here same famouse routes: Alpisella-Trela, Mottolino-valle delle Mine, Val Federia, Alpe del Gallo- Val Mora- Cancano.

The amazing trail towards the Alpe del Gallo, don't forget your camera.

Alpisella Trela

You can find a lot of Gps track of Livigno here but this is one of my preferred routes. The Livigno-Alpisella pass-Cancano Lake-Trela-Livigno Route and here the gps Track

Valle delle Mine

This is another path I really recommend you. Trust in me, take your bike and try this. If you want take the cabin (mottolino) to reach the top and enjoy. Gps here

Bike Parks in Livigno

Let's talk about Carosello&Mottolino

Mottolino is the storic Bike Park of Livigno with lot of path from dark to green and more Freeride oriented.

Carosello, placed on the other side of the valley, is a "new concept" bike park. The FLow is the magic word and is designed for Am/Enduro bike. Trails ar very flow and this make the Carosello perfect also for families and beginners.

Same info to get there as fast as you can!

Easy: in the core of the Alps in the Italian in the Alta Rezia area.
3 hours driving from Milan, and same from Innsbruck.

The following web sites provide guide and mtb school service, and

Livigno is available for bikes in the summer, from june to september. Is 1800 mt so snow and cold are very common.

Finally Livigno is absolutely the best place for a Mountainbike Holiday for all kinds of bikers.


If you need advice for an holidays in Livigno contact us on Facebook

Graziano De Maio - Enrica Brognoli -

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Davos Epic Trails Mtb review

Davos Epic Trail

It's really Davos an Mtb Mecca?

Jakobshorn > Filisur, 38km, 615m positive climb and 2070m Downhill

Gps track

The trail that never end

Yes, this is finally a very long trail, as you can see on the map! But forget to start from Jakobshorn and stop pedalling, this is a kinf of AM/Enduro path the never leaves you quit. The path is techincal also in the flat session, roots, rocks and almost always with a cliff beside. Don't be scared, is nothing that an AM biker can't do but that 615m of positive climb are tough.

How to reach Davos

At you will find all timetable information for your journey by public transport to, in and around Davos Klosters by train (Swiss national rail - SBB / Rhaetian railway - RhB) incl. post van and local bus in Davos (VBD) and Klosters-Serneus.

Gps track


A brief description

The path starts from the top of the Jakobshorn and runs in and out from different valley. The tour is from A to B, at the end of the trail you can tae the train to came back to Davos. It's good to plan to ride the entire day.

Are you ready for this long path?

Finally this is a spot that you must see, you must ride with your best friends.

Need more pics?

Follow us or best: join us live!

If you want to ride the best trails in the alps or in Italy give us a touch.

Graziano De Maio - Enrica Brognoli -

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Finale Ligure - Mappa tracce Gps per Mountain Bike

Mappa con tracce Gps e percorsi per Mtb dedicata all'area di Finale Ligure - Liguria.

A Finale Ligure ci sono decine e decine di itinerari per Mountainbike, ogni anno si tiene qui la finale dell'Enduro e ogni anno si aggiungono nuovi percorsi e nuovi sentieri sempre più belli. Difficile dire quali siano gl iitinerari mtb di finale Ligure più belli perchè dipende dai gusti e dall'abilità dei bikers. Sicuramente puoi essere interessato al percorso della 24 H di Finale Ligure oppure a questa traccia che propone una versione più semplice della finale di enduro, Super Enduro Finale Ligure Short. Articolo con foto report 2 giorni a Finale Ligure.

Guarda le tracce gps di Finale Ligure in modalità lista